13 Reasons Why You Should Sign-up For Rizee Rapid Revision Now – NEET 2021

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Following on the success of Crash Course 2.0 RIZEE now brings to you Rapid Revision completely free of cost. With only a few weeks left for your NEET 2021 examination, take the 24-day NEET Rapid Revision course now from the best learning platform RIZEE. Revise 4 subjects per day with the best educators. Our expert educators have put together the perfect rapid revision course to help you prepare better for NEET 2021.

13 Reasons Why you should sign up now:

  1. Daily 4 Hours of Live Concept Classes by Experts
  2. Live Doubts Clarification During the Class
  3. Expected Questions from the Topics
  4. Achieve optimum time management.
  5. Important Concept Classes Based on Previous Papers
  6. Cumulative Tests on new NTA pattern 
  7. Premium Mock Tests & Custom tests based on previous year papers 
  8. Detailed Analysis of Results After Every Exam
  9. 12 sets of papers. 2400 Questions. 100 Questions per day.
  10. Anticipated question from our previous years paper analysis for NEET 2021
  11. Important questions from important topics discussed in detail during live classes
  12. NCERT based important questions
  13. Tricks to solve application questions in a quick manner 

24 days of intense revision for you NEET is now here.

Register now and put your best foot forward.

Rizee has analysed all NEET papers subject wise and the important chapters that are asked in all shifts .

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Mentorship Room Key Features:

  • Get Mentored by Top Experts
  • Learn Top Strategies to Score Better
  • Get All Your Doubts Cleared During Q&A with Mentors
  • Boost Your Rank with Tips and Suggestions from Our Mentors
  • Use Your Sessions with Expert Mentors for Planning, Boosting Your Rank
  • Get Solutions for All Your Questions at One Place

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