Not Enough Time to Revise? Do the Rizee Crash Course For JEE.

JEE Crash course_

Not all or most of them have written in the first two attempts, Students were waiting for the other 2 attempts as well. 

The big day is finally here! First the JEE Mains and then the lucky few get a shot at the JEE Advanced examination. The pressure is building to revise the entire course and get ready but the job is not complete yet though is it? You are running out of time.

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What??… is the pressure getting to you? Or do you feel like no matter how long you revise it’s never enough? Well I would still ask for you to read on. This is going to be useful for you as well. 

Let me save you some energy and give you a little nudge in the right direction. Do the Rizee Crash Course For JEE 2021. 

I am sure you have some questions.. Here are some answers.

  1. You might be asking what is a crash course?

Well a crash course is a simple, easy and quick revision of all subjects for JEE Mains and Advanced under expert guidance. 

2.Why and How is the Rizee crash course useful to you, the JEE aspirant?

Rizee’s crash course was developed for a simple, quick and  easy learning and revision for the upcoming exams. 

We did a deep dive analysis of the JEE Mains Feb and March 2021 question paper and figured out the way for you to score better. We developed this crash course to help you, pay extra  attention to those chapters and topics that we predict will be very important.

JEE 2021 Revision MaterialCreate Exam

3.Will this crash course help increase my scores?

Well to be put in one word, Yes*.

This crash course will help you categorize the chapters from each subject into Most Important,Very Important and Important based on our Analytics. A thorough preparation and Our Rizee’s crash course should help you see a 5 to 10 percentile increase over your previous scores.

(* – Increase in Scores is not actually guaranteed. We are only suggesting that there could be an increase in your scores.)

JEE 2021 Previous PapersJEE Mains 2021 March Papers

4.How is Rizee’s crash course different from any other crash course out there?
We took into consideration a lot of factors while designing this crash course. Right from environmental conditions which led to self-learning because of CoVid- 19, all the way to Feb & March question paper set. Our crash course is purely analytical based (NTA Pattern) to make sure you score more. 

jee performance

Also we have a vast number of questions(Easy,Moderate,Difficult and Highly Difficult) available to Learn ,Practice and offer unlimited Mock Tests (NTA Pattern), JEE Mains-2021 feb and March Attempt Session Question papers for Practice and get your performance report immediately to clear out any doubts, fix your mistakes and gain that advantage.

Mock tests JEE/NEET 2021

5.How long is the Rizee crash course?
The Rizee crash course is just 24 days long. Perfectly timed to help you get prepared.
Ready to give the Rizee crash course a shot?? Click on the link below to register now!

All the Very Best Young Padawan. 

“Your focus determines your reality.” – Qui-Gon

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