Not Enough Time to Prepare? Do the Rizee Crash Course for NEET And Be Exam Ready.

neet crash course

It’s finally here! The day they announce the D day!! Let’s get ready to mark our calendars!!! 

And at the same time mark when you are going to start your Rizee NEET Crash course.

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NEET day 2021 will be approaching us fast. All the preparation to be completed! All the revision to be done! There is so much to do.. In so little time.

Don’t you worry my dear, Rizee is here. 

To save you the trouble, from making a kerfuffle

Let me introduce you to the Rizee Crash Course for NEET.

I sense that you might have some questions.

1) What is a crash course?

Well a crash course is a simple, easy and quick revision of all subjects for NEET under expert guidance. 

2) How is the Rizee crash course useful to me? The NEET aspirant?

We did a deep dive analysis of the previous years question papers and developed a simple and effective crash course ( Missing text  “course” )  for a simple, quick, easy learning and effective revision for your upcoming exams. 

We developed this crash course to help you, pay extra  attention to those chapters and topics that we know will be very important.

NEET 2021 Revision MaterialCreate Exam

3) How did Rizee come up with this crash course?

We gathered some of the most experienced educators for NEET and had them analyse the previous year question papers. From their analysis we found all the important chapters and topics for each subject, put them together in a very effective way to learn, revise and apply them in your examination.

previous paper analyses

4) Why is Rizee offering a crash course?

The RIzee crash course is just 24 days long. Perfect to help you get prepared for NEET 2021

Ready to cease the day with Rizee crash course?? Click on the link below to register now!

Because of the CoVid -19 pandemic we introduced this crash course. We felt that most of you who are going to attempt NEET this year spent most of your time self studying and had very little time to revise and revisit the important chapters and topics. To help you get that extra edge we chose to offer the NEET crash course.

performance analysis

5) What else can I expect in the crash course?

Not only do you get access to learn, apply and revise from the most comprehensive learning material that we put together, but you also get to attend Live Zoom classes taught by the best faculty for each of the subjects and also “Clear your doubts” sessions at the end of each session.

6) Will this crash course help increase my scores?

Well to be put in one word, Yes*.

This crash course will help you categorize the chapters from each subject into Most Important,Very Important and Important based on our Analytics. A thorough preparation and Our Rizee’s crash course should help you see a 5 to 10 percentile increase over your previous scores.

(* – Increase in Scores is not actually guaranteed. We are only suggesting that there could be an increase in your scores.)


7) How is Rizee’s crash course different from any other crash course out there?

We took into consideration a lot of factors while designing this crash course. Right from self learning because of CoVid- 19, all the way to previous year question paper analysis. Our crash course is purely analytical based to help you score more.

8) How long is the Rizee crash course?

The Rizee crash course is just 24 days long. Perfect to help you get prepared for NEET 2021

Ready to cease the day with Rizee crash course?? Click on the link below to register now!

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