CBSE Announces Class 12 Assessment Formula, Results by July 31.

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A meeting chaired by the Prime Minister reviewed the situation regarding the Class XII Board Exams for CBSE and had decided to cancel the Class XII Board Exams. The Prime Minister said that the decision on Class 12 CBSE Exams has been taken in the interest of students, stating that COVID-19 has affected the academic calendar and the issue of Board Exams has been causing immense anxiety among students, parents, and teachers, which must be put to an end

CBSE Class 12 Assessment Plan Announced :

·   Class 12 results will be announced by July 31

·   Assessment criteria for Class 12 students will be factored on Class 11 and Class 10 results

·   Marks to be calculated and based on:
* 40 percent Class 12 pre-board exams,
* 30 percent on Class 11 final exam and
* 30 percent marks will be based on best-of-three Class 10 marks.

·         Practicals will be for 100 marks and the students will be assessed based on marks submitted by the schools

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