Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Solve Mock Tests Before Your NEET/ JEE 2020 Final Exam


In competitive exams having strong and thorough subject knowledge alone is not enough to achieve your goals. Time management, ways of approaching questions and handling different difficulty level questions are equally important. The best way to assess all these factors and achieve all round performance is by solving as many practice tests and mock tests as possible. Tests with detailed performance analysis reports will give you the scope to prepare using a systematic and targeted preparation strategy which will help you reach your maximum potential.

If you haven’t started taking mock tests yet, here are the Top 5 Reasons Why you should solve mock tests before your Final exam. 

1. Exam Day experience

Even though you are thorough with the syllabus, will you be able to produce everything you know under exam pressure? Will you be able to solve questions in the given time frame? You should learn to tackle this pressure, nervousness and manage time effectively. By attempting mock tests, you will become familiar with the exam environment and overcome these challenges.

Moreover small things like skipping meals, sleep or overeating can affect your concentration and performance. To understand how, take regular mock tests at home to avoid any kind of distractions on the day of final exam.

With the Rizee app, you can take or schedule your own tests which are customizable, solve previous papers, error tests and mock tests. 

2. Get a pinch of negative marking

Sometimes you have to lose a few marks to gain more. Many students don’t understand the role of negative marking and how it can hugely affect scoring. Since the questions are multiple choice, silly mistakes like miscalculation can result in marking the wrong option leading to negative marking. By doing post mock tests analysis you will understand how it affects your score. The whole point is to answer questions correctly rather than answering a number of questions. Once you get a pinch of negative marking in mock tests, you’ll be more careful during the final exam.

3. Covers whole syllabus

Everytime you solve a mock tests, you will attempt questions from different topics of the entire syllabus. So, this will help you in revising the subjects thoroughly. By practicing more and more questions regularly you’ll be thorough with all the concepts and theories. By rectifying errors regularly, your score increases with every test. You will definitely see improvement in your performance and you will feel more confident.

4. Understand Weak Areas

By analyzing the results of mock tests, you can analyze and understand which areas need more attention, what are the topics and concepts you missed. Even if you don’t have enough time to learn and practice the whole topic, you can learn a few important and most repeated topics in mock tests and previous year question papers. If the same concepts are repeated which happens most of the time, it will save your exam!

Get detailed analysis reports on Subject strengths, Time management and Accuracy on the Rizee app by taking a test.

 5. Understand the weightage

Attempting mock tests will give you a clear idea of chapter wise marks weightage, which chapter needs additional emphasis and which doesn’t. This information will help you in effective and targeted preparation.

Platforms like Rizee provide mock tests, previous year question papers, practice tests which are also customizable based on subject, complexity, types of questions etc facilitating enhanced practice experience for students. The detailed assessment reports give you feedback on time management, valuable information including what types of questions you need to work on, which chapters in a particular subject need extra emphasis etc. Download the app and start taking tests from today!


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