7 Tips for NEET Preparation

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NEET, being one of the toughest Medical Entrance examinations in India, needs the most experienced guidance and strategic preparation. About 50% of the question paper focuses on Biology and it’s really important to have a good knowledge in it to secure high scoring in NEET examination. Again, Biology stream bisects into two major subjects Botany and Zoology which needs utmost attention. Here are the tricks and tips to accelerate your NEET preparation and clear NEET in your first attempt!!!!

Plan your schedule according to the Weightage

Competitive examinations demand Smart work over hard work. So, it’s mandatory to focus on the topics that have the greatest weightage rather than wasting time with a little weightage topics. Time management is the crucial part, not only in your Examination but also during your preparation. Planning the schedule by Focusing on the topics that contribute the lion’s share in the syllabus will help you score more than going through the contents of NCERT in numerical order!!!

Allot your Peak time to Weak topics:

No one is a born genius, and we all have our drawbacks and loopholes. Some may have difficulty solving physics problems but be good at biology, while some may be good at chemistry but poor at biology. Yes!! Everyone has their own weaknesses and the real game lies in converting them into strengths. We all have our own hours in a day where we are most energetic and use our fullest potential in anything we do. Those hours can be at night too (though they differ from person to person). Choose and schedule those hours to work on your weak topics because your mind is proactive at those hours and the knowledge intake is greater than expected. Believe me, you’ll eventually master those topics if you follow this trick.

Divide the large terms into smaller words:

One of the biggest problems with Biology is that it has a lot of scientific terms to remember and we are no robots to store everything. So, it is important to remember terms in a logical way. Almost every term is a combination of some root words which we need to be aware of!! For example: You have “Endoplasmic reticulum”, which is a difficult term. Divide it into “Endo-within/inside”, “Plasmic-Cytoplasm” and “Reti- Net” which means, “The net-like structure found inside the Cytoplasm”. This will enhance your understanding and help you remember more than usual.…!!!

Read the topic prior to Lecture or tutorial:

We all have our timetables and know what happens in the next class. Rather than going to the class with Zero Knowledge it’s better to read the topic ahead and get a little understanding about it. This will help you to gain grip in that topic as you already read it before. You also come across many questions in your mind while going through the chapter. You can get them clarified during your lectures.

Draw & label diagrams multiple times for Visual remembrance:

Another tricky part we need to tackle in Biology are “Diagrams”. There are a lot  of diagrams in biology which are hard to remember. This is the sector where most of the students lose their marks. So it’s mandatory to include your schedule 1-3 diagrams every day. This action of practicing diagrams for multiple times helps you remember Better!!

Be your Own Teacher:

The most important tip I can provide to any NEET candidate is to be their own “teacher”!!! You are the only one who knows how capable you are! You are the only one who knows your strengths and shortcomings! Only you have the ability to assess your comprehension levels! As a result, take your own notes. Make flowcharts and come up with phrases on your own. Keep track of your progress and focus on getting better.

Revise previous day notes:

Revising and Recollecting previous day topics is as important as learning New topics! It’s of no use to start learning many new topics and forget the old ones. You need to write the exam on the overall syllabus, right?! So, before you get into new learnings, get back to the previous day’s notes and recollect them well!!!

So, these are the ideologies of top rated universities and well experienced Professors to Accelerate your NEET preparations!!! All the very best!! 

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