NEET UG 2020 and 2021 – A brief assessment


NEET 2021 proved to be a momentous year for aspirants; proof of this was the stupendous 83% rise in the top scorers. This means that as many as 203 candidates scored 700 out of 720 as compared to 111 in 2020.

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But, due to a nominal decrease in the total number of aspirants obtaining marks in the ranges of 600>= and 500>=, the cutoffs are not likely to go up this year.

While it appears that there is a significant jump in the number of candidates scoring 700 and above, other statistics reveal a different story. Aspirants scoring between 650-699 marks dropped by 0.1% year-on-year (YOY) while aspirants scoring between 600-649 marks dropped by 0.4% YOY and aspirants scoring between 550-599 dropped by 0.6% YOY.

The table below gives the total number of aspirants and the YOY percentage increase/decrease in marks obtained

Now, let’s take a look at how the various states have performed in the prestigious NEET exams this year.

Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh have continued to shine; they enjoy the distinction of having the highest number of star performers scoring more than 650+.

Here is a state-wise breakup of aspirants scoring in the range of 450-599 and 600>= respectively for NEET 2021

As seen from the table, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh have the maximum number of aspirants in both the 450-599 and the 600>= ranges.

The past three-year NEET score data shows that the eight states listed in the table above alone account for 64% – which in total number terms is 86,128 of aspirants having scored more than 450 marks.

The table below lists the states that have shown a considerable increase in the star performers scoring more than 650 marks over the last year.

Let’s consider the seat availability for MBBS and BDS aspirants including the government and private colleges. Overall, the number of seats for MBBS aspirants is 81,000 and for BDS aspirants, it is 39,000 seats. Of these, the institutes that are government run account for 42,500 seats for MBBS aspirants. The total number of MBBS seats has increased since 2020 due to a jump in AIIMS and JIPMER seats.

References: Numbers sourced from The Times of India dated 23/11/2021

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